Meet The Team

Jewel Burks Jewel Burks Co-Founder/CEO

An experienced sales and marketing professional, Jewel Burks leads the Partpic team as CEO. Since its founding in August 2013, Jewel has been responsible for building a team, goal setting and execution and fundraising. Prior to founding Partpic, Jewel worked in Enterprise Sales at Google and in Sales Management at McMaster- Carr Industrial Supply. Jewel graduated from Howard University and is from Nashville, Tennessee.

Jason Crain Jason Crain Co-Founder/COO

Jason Crain leads daily operations and marketing strategy for Partpic. Bringing a firm understanding of consumer operations and specializing in sales, marketing and business development, Jason has helped in production ideation, business structure, customer and talent acquisitions. Previously, Jason did Product Marketing at Shazam. Prior to Shazam he worked with Fortune 100 CPG brands in direct sales for Google, Inc. Jason graduated from Morehouse College and was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo.

Nashlie H. Sephus Ph.D Nashlie H. Sephus Ph.D CTO

Dr. Nashlie H. Sephus specializes in writing the visual recognition algorithms for Partpic. In 2014, she graduated with a Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology where her thesis topic was data mining/machine learning in digital signals using modulation spectral features. Nashlie then worked in New York City as an Associate at Exponent, an engineering consulting firm. She has prior experience working with companies such as GE, Delphi, and IBM. Nashlie graduated from undergrad at Mississippi State University and hails from Jackson, Mississippi.